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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know for a comfortable and entertaining trip to b-movie hell.

Some frequently asked questions are already answered on other pages. For example, parking and travel information can be found on the Location & Maps page. Please look over the entire site for the answer to your question before you send e-mail. Thanks!

» What should I bring to B-Fest?

If you're planning to stay for the entire 24 hours, we recommend the following basics:

• A pillow
• A flashlight
• A toothbrush & toothpaste
• Some cash for meals and snacks in the cafeteria

Some folks have a much more elaborate set of gear at B-Fest, including sleeping bags or a change of clothes, but if you have the items above, you should find your experience at B-Fest comfortable and pleasant.

You might as well leave the laser pointer at home. As props go, little red points of light aren't well-liked at B-Fest.

» What hours are the doors of the Norris University Center open? Doesn't Evanston have a curfew?

The doors of Norris University Center close at 2 a.m.; no one is allowed in or out until the doors re-open at 8 a.m. In accordance with Evanston law, those under 18 who are not Northwestern University students must leave at 11:45 p.m. and may reenter after 8 a.m.

» When is the Norris University Center food court open?

The food court has a number of establishments with operating hours that vary. 

Hours fluctuate from year to year, so please check with the official NWU site.

» Can I bring food into the auditorium?

According to the rules posted in McCormick Auditorium, food and beverages of any kind are forbidden. Alcoholic beverages are expressly forbidden and those found consuming them in the auditorium will be ejected from the event.

» Are there any other rules I should know about?

• No criminal behavior will be tolerated.

• Excessive use of a laser pointer may result in your ejection from the auditorium. As per Supreme Court ruling we know what "excessive" is when we see it.

• Also, please do not bring thick paper plates (i.e. Chinet or plastic) for Plan Nine – yes, they fly much better but it stings to get hit in the face with one.

• Please be considerate of your fellow festival attendees. Point your flashlight at the floor when making your way to and from your seat. Say "please" and "thank you." Cover your mouth when you sneeze.

» I notice that some of the films you show are rated "R." How can I be sure that B-Fest is appropriate for my child?

B-Fest programming is generally innocuous, but we do show some R-rated movies and some material with "adult" themes. Questionable material is generally consigned to the late-night hours, but R-rated films can be shown at any time of the day. If there is any hesitation about a film, please ask the B-Fest staff on site about its content.

Please note that many B-Fest films are monster movies or old horror flicks. If your child frightens easily, perhaps it's best to leave them at home for now; bring them to B-Fest in another year or two.

» Wow, B-Fest sold out really quickly this year! Why don't you move it to a larger theater so you can admit more people?

That's actually a much more complicated question than it sounds, and the short answer is that B-Fest must remain on the Northwestern campus. The Norris University Center has a number of assets (comfortable seating, projection equipment, sound system, cafeteria, etc) that make it uniquely suited to B-Fest. No other venue on campus comes close.

» I have a question that you didn't cover on this page!

Check the rest of the site for the info you want. If you still can't find it, send some e-mail to Chris Holland, webmaster, at chris at stomptokyo dot com.

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